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12 Days of Anime #4: Kamisama, Dolls for all ages

Kamisama Dolls was my favorite show of the year, allow me to elloborate why and blab on about its awesomeness.

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Kamisama Dolls Origins: Aki

Yata! As the title suggests, this weeks episode was all about the best part of this show – Aki, and the lad delivers, in spades. He’s origin story is every bit as dark as one would expect but I couldn’t help but think that things could have been so very different for Aki. A series of unfortunate events if you will.

Word of warning, this weeks post is a bit text heavy because so much happens in this episode. (And apologies for the lateness, busy weekend. But because I’ve sat down like four times to finish this, I’ve watched this episode about 30 times and its still awesome!)

I’m Baaaaaacckk!!!

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Kamisama Dolls 06 – You gotta tense your muscles!

Heads up… still no Aki or Kuuko, wonder what they’re doing? 😦

Anyway, so after their long journey back home, our hero’s eventually reach karakami village which has alerted me to the fact that there are too many things in this show that start with the letter ‘K’. Not too much happens this week except for some back story on the origins of the kakashi and meeting some of the village folk.

MARMMM! We’re Home!!

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Kamisama Dolls 05 – Damn Kids!

No Kuuko or Aki this week so they had to make up for that in someway and they delivered by giving us a sampler of what Kakashi’s can really ro as boy-utao took on girl-utao and to a lesser we learn a bit about boy-utao’s origin story see how bad parenting affects kids. The story continues to grow but could easily lead to a whole bunch of unaddressed loose ends come episode 12.

Whatya mean Aki isn’t in this weeks episode?

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Kamisama Dolls 04 – Please don’t let this be the Peek

I was rather busy this week so I never watched this weeks episode until yesterday and wow did I enjy it. For me it has quite easily been the best episode of the series so far, it was high on story content, action and other stuffs.

I dearly hope the series hasn’t hit its peek this early.

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Kamisama Dolls 03 – Reunion

The plot doesn’t necessarily thicken but it definately gets bigger as a third Seki enters the picture and potentially a fourth. Also much more action in this episode so thats good.

Trucker Tip #32: When driving at night be sure to keep your eye’s wide open.

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Kamisama Dolls – Episode 2

Just an observation: It’ll be really difficult to employ a surprise attack with Kukuri given the little meldoy it lets out when doing stuff.

And this lil piggy cried Waah Waah Waah!

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Kamisama Dolls – First Impressions

Next up is the schizophrenic Kamisama Dolls. It looks good and is made by Brains Base so it should be good but it can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be serious or light hearted so it could very possibly be bad. Lets see.

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