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poro’s select preview

I hated making preview before.  I’d get the chart from some random chart maker.  The clean beautiful chart would then be defaced by my red ink of dispproval of half the series.  So, I’ve come up with a new system!  Eat more chicken and do previews of shows that I’ve watched.  This does still include ones that I don’t like, but at least I can pull some evidence from the first episode itself to prove to you why it’s gonna be boring.


Why have an awesome pic of Super Sonico you ask?  Because Blinda had a random pic too o.o

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This is not only a Fate/Zero post…

Hey, I’m finally back from final exams! Let’s see; I’m 3 episodes late on Fate/Zero… Well, I could start covering them all, but that would take too much time since I’m totally out of shape, writing-wise (and physically). Instead, for this week only (maybe), I’ll do a more blog-ish post that covers random stuffs I’ve seen or read in/about anime/manga during a period of a week (in this case from 12/08/12 to 12/13/12). This involves lazily putting titles, pictures and short non-sensical comments.

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Idolm@ster Episode 4-5: Catching up is so much work

In this post of Idolm@ster, I’m covering 2 episodes! Oh I’m already losing energy, lol. The reason why last week I didn’t blog episode 4 is due to my 4 days bus tour trip to the US (from New York to Washington DC to Philadelphia to Atlantic City). And damn must I say that the whole trip was total BS. First of all, my trip was supposed to be at Virginia Beach, but the Chinese agency cancelled it at the last-minute. Then my parents had to pick a replacement trip and damn unlucky am I to get the same fucking bus tour guide for 3 tours in a row during the period of a year. Hell, I already went to New York last year. With the same tour guide, the shit just repeated itself. What’s the point to go to Philadelphia if you’re only taking a different bus tour to go around the city for 90 minutes? Oh god, Atlantic City…The bus arrived in the city really too late to go anywhere in the night, plus the fucking rain. The next morning, we left the city to go home… But hey, at least I took advantage of the country’s low taxes to buy anime DVDs. I got Angel Beats, Shigurui and Baccano for $97. I must say that the dvd of Angel Beats lacks extras such as the marathon play function and the epilogue where Otonashi is the student president. I’m really not sure if the show is worth the 40 bucks.

But I'm sure Takane would want to keep the Frog costume for $40

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Idolm@ster Episode 3: Yukiho Time

I’ve spent five days trying to write a post for Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo episode 1 to 3, but with the heat and my laziness it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to finish that. So, I might as well do the 3rd ep of Idolm@ster first to clear my mind.

The obligatory group shot: Say CHEESE!!

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Idolm@ster – episode 2: No Title for you :p

What is one of the most important things an Idol needs in order to start her career greatly? It is the ability to look good in the camera. No matter how beautiful you are, you can’t look awkward.

This is what every idol aspires to be:

Ok, maybe not lol

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The iDOLM@STER – Episode 1: First Impressions

Konichiwa mina-san! I’m Thaivu22, the new writer of Team Zero! I’m looking to work with the group. As the Ero-Shounen that I am, my first post must obviously include: CHICKS which should of course start with puppy shots!


What I meant was:

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Sora No Woto – Episode 2

By now, if you find yourself reading this review, it’s either because you just recently found out about this show or you were waiting and decided to see if it was worth it. For those of you who ride second in that last statement, would you like me to answer your question? I would say it depends. Most people might not be fans of Moe, (which btw, neither am I) but this turned out to be a little more then just some mere Moe, trust me.

Better character design, better art, funnier, better adventures, yet there is only one thing that it still lacks… A real fricken story-line!

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Sora No Woto – episode 1 – Official Review

Kaza Is Back! That’s right folks, you herd me loud and clear. I’m back, and fashionably late as well. But that’s OK. You know why? Because I already know you all missed me. *Don’t burst my bubble just yet with the cold hard truth*… *please* XD. Anyways, I’m here to continue my job as a blogger/reviewer and tell you about the much-loved and anticipated show, Sora No Woto. Or is it Sor No Oto?

Yea maybe it’s not what everyone was wanting, but it sure as hell is what you should have expected it to be. I mean seriously, what else do you want from a five girls blowing trumpets for other soldiers. XD

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