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Summer 2012 Season Preview

Summer 2012 Season Preview header

Most of the team has been busy this last season so we’ve been even slower than usual in getting our preview out. But time still ticks on and the summer season is upon us with finale episodes for Spring airing this past week so lets get on with things, what can we look forward to this summer (or winter for myself & Gooney).

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12 Days of Anime #11: noitaminA; a Good Return

As today is the 1st Thursday of our 12 Days of Anime series I thought it be appropiate to cover the one thing that we all look forward on a Thursday. Yep, I’m talking about noitaminA.


Supposedly the slot reserved for the top rated anime of the season but has that held true for the year?

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Usagi Drop episode the tenth

Being sick: it really sucks. Quite the bummer.

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Usagi Drop episode 7

The villains responsible for the conflict of this episode 7 are the same villains responsible for conflicts around the world, in countless household. They are feared by many and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They are also known as… in-laws.

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Black Rock Shooter to get TV Anime – there’s potential here, please don’t squander it.

Here’s the thing, I genuinely like the aesthetics of Black Rock Shooter, and I think this franchise has potential, but that OVA was so disappointing that this announcement just confuses me. As the title states, Black Rock Shooter is getting a TV Anime in January, but here’s where it gets weird, it’s going to be part of Noitamina, why?

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Usagi Drop episode 4

\note- It takes a lot of talent to finish a post… and then forget to publish it for five days. Consider me talented. \end note

lolololol at Daikichi’s hair-dressing skill. What a professional.

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Usagi Drop episode 3

I was slightly surprised to see Daikichi’s family reappearing so soon and being shown in a very different light from the first episode. A pleasant surprise though, as this portrayal is much more favorable.

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No. 6 – episode 3

That mark on Shion’s neck from last episode? Yep, turns out it was the same parasite that killed Yamase, which should have been pretty obvious at this point, how else did you expect him to suddenly get white hair?

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