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Sai Mecha: Cinderella Story?

The inaugural Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot Tournament has almost run its course with all my nominations having already fallen and we stand on the verge of crowning our first champion.

Will it be the god-defying show-stopper or an everyday man’s cinderella story? Before we can judge though we should look at what came before…

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My Sai Mecha Nominations

For those not in the know, EO from THAT Anime Blog has started up the Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot tournament to inject some testosterone into the aniblogisphere which is currently ccaught up in SaiMoe’s moeblobbery.

Basically its a giant tournament in which some of the greatest Mecha to ever grace our screens & imaginations square off against each other in one-on-one combat. What more could you ask for? The competition is in its nomination phase, so behold my nominations.

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[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 4: Reason for fighting

Summary of Episode 4 below. I kid.


[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3: The Strategy to Rescue Allelujah

I gotta say this : This is the BEST episode so far for season 2. It’s full of win  and GAR from setsuna and crew. Epic battle scenes. Watch this space for the full review some time soon, got lots of schoolwork these few days. Waking up at 0700hrs and leaving school at 2000 hrs is no joke two days in a row. In the meantime, shock and awe from the powderful gundams!

Recycling is goood.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 2: Twin Drives

This episode builds up from episode 1 as setsuna gathers the remaining personnel for celestial being, namely Lynes and Sumeragi. There sure is a lot of hints and questions of future plots from the OP and ED so I will just note down my thoughts together with a brief summary. I have many pictures which I wish to caption but due to time constraint, I could only insert all of them as a gallery and hyperlink them to my ‘review/summary’. Hope you guys enjoy the screenies as much as I do.

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Anime Festival Asia 2008 feat. May’n and Studio 4°C

I am busy throughout this week (yet again) and will be away again for another 2 weeks to come. I might make occasional update such as this one but most of the time, Loba and Scamp will be filling me in. Hopefully, Tara can join our cast very soon as well.

Big update for today is the upcoming Anime Festival Asia 2008 (dubbed AFA08) – one of the biggest anime festival in this region of South East Asia. Singapore plays host (and I can’t find any other better venue than this though Malaysia could stand a chance) and it is going to be HUGE. It will held on the 22nd to 23rd November (next month). The biggest highlights for this anime fest for me are definitely May’n performing live and the exclusive showcase of Studio 4°C. There will also a huge Gundam showcase at Planet Mech. So Gundam fans, heed notice of this event. To sum them up, here are the highlights for the AFA08:

Besides the highlights listed above, there are other mention-worthy events. One of them is the Anime Blockbuster showcase that will cover most of big anime titles including Code Geass, Gundam 00 and Shakugan no Shana. There will also a showcase on Shonen Jump’s 40th Anniversary World Tour and if there’s any better mainstream mangaka out there, it’s gonna be Shonen Jump. If you insist on asking, does Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Eyeshield 21 ring any bell to you?

AFA08 is definitely the event to go if you are an anime fan. Of course, under the condition that you are from within this region. Since Singapore is such a good neighbour for us in Malaysia, I won’t spare any more thoughts to not to go there. Putting budget worries aside, I may consider on going to AFA08. All that is left is accomodation. Any room to let in Singapore?

For more details, head over to AFA08 official website. And do please come. You won’t regret it.


Gundam 00 S2 Episode 1: The Angels Advent

Finally, the return of the terminator! Gundam Exia! Or what remains of it. I would like to skip giving a summary but I thought it would be better to write down my thoughts together with a brief summary. As such, SPOILERS ARE TO BE EXPECTED!

Thoughts and comments:

Wow, Gundam 00 Season 2 sure started out with a big bang! Flashy mecha engagements, big nice fireworks and a revamped political landscape. Same ol gundam with even more new mechas! Tis a good season to begin. The insert music is very fitting as well for the A-laws which chills me whenever listen to it. Cold heartless A-laws? Not surprising considering ribbons, probably a cyborg is in charge of A-laws, made up of a bunch of blood thirsty warmongers. Or not. Just doing their job, ridding the world of kataron. so what is kataron?

P.S. Will add in more pictures later!

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Gundam 00 in Reality

It’s 2307 A.D. Three centuries from now, the very foundation of the world’s economy and stability is depleted. Oil – the entity that gives forth energy to mankind had been synonymous to the advancement and progress of human civilization. However now it is no longer available in the 24th century, mankind looks to one  energy source and harness its infinite potential. Supported by three main pillars called the space elevators, an array of solar panel circling the entire planet is developed to harvest this renewable energy and had since, becomes the new standard of energy and also world domination. Then along came the Celestial Being.

Solar Energy
And they began with the ISS.

Yes, this futuristic fiction had grasped our imagination and dared us to think of the impossible of this very plausible scenario. But how far does the reality goes? I have little doubts on the Gundams though the future of humanoid is not excluded from the equation. Solar energy is a little farfetched but it is still likely to happen. However, there won’t be any cast of doubts about the space elevators.

Gundams not included
Gundams not included.


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