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Area no Kishi: 2nd Impression/Re-cap/Catch-up/blah blah

So after all the filehosting dilema’s & SOPA/PIPA nonsense I’ve finally found some time to sit and write about my favorite anime of the season. 4 episodes have passed so I’ve got quite a bit to talk about, not exactly what I expected but I’m not complaining.

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First Impressions: Area no Kishi

Finally the sporting anime I’ve been begging waiting for has arrived… at least I hope so. Its been such long time since the last decent sport anime (Giant Killing) which was so good that I’d be more than happy if Knight in the Area was as little as half as good.

Knight in the AreaAnd besides Soccer is the beautiful game, can’t go wrong with that, can you?

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First Impressions: Ro-Kyu-Bu!

With this being the only sport themed anime this season I may as well give it a watch who knows when the next proper sports anime will come out… I’m looking at you MADHOUSE, enough with this MARVEL bull, I want more Hajime no Ippo! Anyway, roll on the Loli.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Maids

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Moshidora – The Review

So it turns out putting all my eggs in Moshidora’s basket wasn’t the smartest of things to do and I kind of lost interest in the rest of the season because of it. That being said Moshidora was probably the show which was most affected by the disaster in Japan being delayed by near on a month and then having its 10 episode run squashed into 2 weeks. Still I doubt that had it been aired weekly would it have improved it.

So here is my final thoughts on the series which didn’t turn out to be winner but was still rather enjoyable and at 10 episodes is worth a run if only for the last 3 episodes.

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Moshidora 3-5: Half-way

So far I have been quite happy with Moshidora so far, it hasn’t blown my socks off yet as I had hoped for during the season preview but its been building up steadily for the past few episodes and I hope it will build up to something good. Then it dawned on me… I never checked how many eps the show had been scheduled for. Quick google later and my world came crushing down! Only 10 episodes, that is not enough time to do anything in the show especially at the rate thy have been going. Either it will just end having not actually gone anywhere or the next 5 episoeds are going to be one great big rush job. Neither are good alternatives.

Secondly, how many people want to go out and read Management by Peter Drucker now? Fair bit of publicity its getting, is that a cha ching I hear Production I.G.?

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Moshidora episodes 1 & 2

Finally the most delayed show of the season starts, and boy do they have a bunch of catching up to do… 10 episodes in 2 weeks! Thats going to keep me quite busy. So to keep my sanity I’m going to do 2 eps at a time.

So here we have the ony sport anime of the season, Softeni does not count I don’t care what you say. Major has shown us that Baseball is popular and requires spirit to play, while One Outs showed us that it is also quite technical and now Moshidora looks to show us that above all Baseball is a team sport.

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