Sora no Manimani episode 11

I suck at speed blogging Sora no Manimani. Every single episode, without fail, is blogged quicker by THAT and Rabbitpoets before I can even open my laptop. The annoying this is that I like reading both their blogs and they are both regular commenters on here so I can’t get angry at them. They’ll probably beat me to episode 12 as well.


Oh well, might as well return to what I’m good at. That being Hime fascination (obviously).


The Astronomy club are on a trip to some cold place where they can see the stars better. Oddly for Sora no Manimani, that was one of the very few Astronomy references made in this episode. Most of the time they were far more focused on how to survive in the freezing cold. The basic rule: try not to look sexy. That’s exactly why Hime had so much trouble, she has such a hard time trying not to look sexy. That must be why the club president didn’t go with them either. It had nothing to do with the fact that he had exams, nor had it anything to do with the fact he was trying to find time with that navy-haired. 1920’s English School Teacher whose name I’ve totally forgotten. No, it’s because he has such a hard time trying not to look sexy.


She knows exactly how to diminish her sexiness.

You do realise that the picture above this text is an underage girl in only her underwear? Do you remember those laws that were being passed all those months ago in reference to child pornography because some guy owned lolita manga? Well there was words spreading about that the laws regarding drawings of minors in sexually provocative positions should be looked at, possibly even mirroring the laws that cover real-life minors. This would include pictures of minors in swimsuits and underwear? This would mean that if any member of law enforcement caught me watching Azumanga Daoih or Kurenai, I would be shoved in jail for several years? OK, this is a highly simplified and modified version of events, and an episodic post about Sora no Manimani is really not the place to be discussing this, but just keep that in mind next time that debate raises its head. And I assure you, it will.


The gods heard my prayers for another Hime-centric episode. However, in true god-like fashion (or the monkeys paw, for those of you watching Bakemonogatari) they delivered a Hime episode in which she was tortured the entire way through. But giving credit where credit is due, it worked surprisingly well. Drama in a comedy can often feel forced but for the most part it worked in this episode. What I loved was her thought process while stuck in the blizzard. For example, when trying to remember what to do when a blizzard hits, she remembers that you’re meant to dig a hole to hide in, only to realise how impossible it would be to actually try accomplish that. Even better, we got a Hime-through-the-ages clip.


Hime back in the days when her nickname was Drift (I heard somewhere that Drift was the name of a band full of people with giant afros. Yeah, thanks Mr.Mangaka for that really obscure reference) and boy was she the cutest little thing ever. Baby Saku and baby Mihoshi have nothing on her. Heck, baby Mihoshi looks the exact same then as she does now. D’awww, I just looked at the picture again, don’t you just want to poke her little face?


Hime as a bratty and noticeably flat-chested middle-school girl. She still looks mightily fluffy. It’s odd that even though she fell for Saku because he praised her fluffilicious hair, she still tried to make it look less fluffy in the coming years. I actually prefer Hime looking fluffier than her trying to make it all straight. Which is actually my exact opposite in taste in real women (yes, those things that exist outside your computer screen. Crazy eh?).

BTW, liking fluffiness does not make me a furry. Neither does liking Horo. However you are a furry if you thought this was hot.


That rival Astronomy club has odd fetishes. Remember these were the same people who were discussing which constellation they thought was the hottest. Astronomy clubs attract the oddest people.


As much as I like Hime, I have to admit that the best part of the episode was when Mihoshi re-appeared and had her little conversation with Hime. I thought Mihoshi and Saku were a great duo but now I’m more inclined towards a Hime X Mihoshi combo. They played off each other so well, Hime being that constant panicker and Mihoshi being the head-in-the-clouds character. Actually, didn’t Hime call her a cloud in the episode? Yeah she did, wow, that wasn’t even planned. Mihoshi is the character with her head in the clouds and Hime is snow, all light and fluffy (I’ve got to stop using the word fluffy). But their best moment was that scene in the picture above. There’s something about Mihoshi’s eyes in that picture that I’ve never seen before. It almost makes her look like the anti-christ or something equally sinister.


And suddenly she no longer looks like the harbinger of evil and back to her usual hair-brained self.

That was certainly an improved episode of Sora no Manimani. As I’ve said before, it’s still hurt badly by its total lack of originality, but that doesn’t stop it from making an episode work. It isn’t as funny as some of the earlier episodes but by this stage the characters have really grown on me. I’ve always called that the Azumanga effect, when the characters grow on you so much that the could spend the entire episode simply acting as they always do and yet you’ll still love it. That’s the stage that all slice-of-life series strive to obtain. Sora no Manimani is gradually reaching that stage. A bit too late though, the series is almost over.


With only one episode left, a highly doubt that any couples will be formed. If they did, the above scenario is highly unlikely. We all know that Saku will eventually end up with Mihoshi. If they wanted to get that ending in, they would have used this episode to take Hime out of the picture, or at least let Mihoshi know that Saku likes her. Instead they only opened the door a bit more for the possible Hime ending. The only couple I can see happening before the end is the club president and that navy-haired girl. Oh well, at least the next episode preview showed a hot-spring scene. There’s always one in every series.

8 Responses to “Sora no Manimani episode 11”

  1. 2 October 2009 at 12:51 am

    Good, I’ve been looking forward to your take on this episode. You’re still faster in blogging than the fansubbers have been in releasing at times, so no worries. And what would all the fans do without the original Hime shipper?

    “that navy-haired. 1920’s English School Teacher”
    Her name’s Oumi, and don’t you forget! The way she greeted Roma, and those mysterious eyes! My second favorite behind Fumie, though I can’t ship for her since she’s already part of one of my OTPs that actually came true.

    “BTW, liking fluffiness does not make me a furry. Neither does liking Horo. However you are a furry if you thought this was hot.”
    LOL. Speaking of, have you seen this chart?

    Mihoshi’s eyes in that scene with Hime reminded me of a wolf stalking its prey or a demon possessed person or something. Very sinister. Hime X Mihoshi? Kind of like a Konata and Kagami dynamic to a degree.

    While I’m not an original crew member of the Hime ship (permission to come aboard Captain?), since Fumie has left the scene I have to hold out (likely false) hope that in the last episode, DVD episode, and hopefully later story (whether it takes manga or anime form) that this episode has set her up to still have a chance. They didn’t walk her off stage in touching fashion like they did Fumie when they had the chance to this episode, so you never know.

    Just in case you didn’t see my reply to your comment on my ep 11 post (I know it was kind of late, my apologies), a tribute to Hime’s struggle this episode.

    To Hime! Storm’d on in a snowy hell/ Still she walked strong and well/ Into the jaws of rival death/ Into the mouth of shipper Hell/ Marched our fair Hime!

  2. 2 Humanity_Cat
    2 October 2009 at 8:21 am

    Aw, Hime…so cute and innocent….dang, I can’t believe there is only one episode left…I don’t presume that there is a second series…but I haven’t read the manga, so I don’t know if there is stuff afterwards.

    Even though it was undoubtedly unoriginal, I loved how Hime was finally mustering up her courage to tell Mihoshi about their rivalry, Mihoshi interpeted it entirely different. XD Poor Hime-chan…. ^^; It also made me laugh that the Lynx-tan picture had a long tail instead of a short tail. XD Anatomy mistake!

    *cough* Yes I waste my life on stuff like that.

  3. 3 RP
    2 October 2009 at 11:23 am

    “There’s something about Mihoshi’s eyes in that picture that I’ve never seen before. It almost makes her look like the anti-christ or something equally sinister.”


    To be fair to Saku, generally the rule is yuri couple > non-yuri couple. I suppose Hime could easily fill the tsundere role in the relationship though.

    Even if I hadn’t been spoiled by Hinano’s post, I figured they weren’t ending the show with a relationship. On the plus side, I think that’s probably a good sign for a possible second season. Actually, I feel like the characters hit the Azumanga effect for me, almost from the very beginning, which is why I’ve really enjoyed the show (ironically, it took forever for Azumanga to achieve the Azumanga effect for me. The first 15 or so eps I thought it was the slowest show ever, then the next thing I knew, I wanted more).

  4. 3 October 2009 at 2:20 am


    All aboard the Hime ship my friend. All are welcome, so long as you pull your own weight and ship for Hime as well. I’m not much of a yuri shipper myself. The only yuri couples I really approve of are Mirrielle and Kirika from Noir and Kaname and Tessa from FMP (Lucky Star is NOT my favorite show by ANY stretch of the imagination). While Hime and Mihoshi play well off each other, I dunno about a genuine yuri coupling. Get me some decent, humble man from Hime and I’ll be happy.

    That poem is amazing. Just amazing. You deserve some sort of award for that.


    I’m pretty sure that the manga is still ongoing so a second season is possible. However the anime didn’t seem to be that popular in Japan. They could still make a second season but it’s only 50/50.


    Hey now, I was actually praising Mihoshi in my post. Being the anti-christ isn’t an insult. I called Tokuchi Toua from One Outs a spawn of Satan and he’s one of the most fucking awesome characters ever.

    Yeah, it also took me ages to get into Azumanga too. Once it hit somewhere around episode 12ish, I absolutely loved the show. The other anime that have succeeded with that effect are Minami-ke, Beck (yes, it doesn’t have to be girls you know) and for a more recent example, Pandora Hearts actually achieved that level too.

  5. 3 October 2009 at 4:05 am


    If I’m feeling super nerdy maybe I’ll re-make the entirety of ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ to be about Mihoshi’s rivals for the last episode of the season post. I’m sure the thought just made some English Literature majors cry, heh.

  6. 6 Humanity_Cat
    3 October 2009 at 6:15 am

    That’s too bad- I thought it was cute in its own (unoriginal) way… ^ ^

  7. 7 al103
    8 October 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Saku/Mi-chan/Hime threesome ftw 😉

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