Fractale – Episode 4… It’s getting dark in here

If you happened to have many questions during the past episodes, be prepared to have even more now that we received some answers…

Any doubts?

I gotta say that this show keeps impressing me with every chapter. I still can’t come to know what will be happening in the next 30 minutes and can’t even identify who are the good, the evil and the ugly guys in here. You could say that is the main attraction of this series: it’s so tied to reality that it surpasses any fictional set.

Goods, bads and uglies... all together.

The moral dilemma shown is hard to decipher, both side present their dubious motives, totally counter-parted  by the opposite band. And in the middle you have the innocent people struggling with the decisions that may tip the balance one way or another.

I must say that I didn’t expect the fatty goon to be killed, or at least not so soon (and by someone that wasn’t me…), but I liked the way his death was handled, realistically, raw and painfully respectful. No unusual comments, no extra drama and no heroic backstory… just what it was: the death of a friend, a henchman and a fellow citizen. Now, that is what I call dark…

We'll miss you... or not...

Now, we finally know a little more about our main characters: Phryne is the High Priestess daughter, which ran away from the temple carrying on Nessa the doppel, who in return hates Phryne for some unknown reason, to the point of staying behind when Phryne and Clain join the Lost Millennium crew to escape the Imperial attack.

Clain, on his side, is undoubtedly in love with the young priestess, but has also strong feelings towards the cute little doppel. He’s trapped in the middle of a war that can’t understand, and although he tags his hijackers as “terrorists”, he has also witnessed the procedures by which Fractale system is kept alive. Unlike the common hero, we can’t denote which side is Clain supporting at this point, other that his (and probably Nessa’s).

Noticed that Nessa can't touch Phryne?.. Is it reciprocal hate?

It is also shown, (in a very brief manner…) that the Fractale “stars” are actually satellites floating over the Earth, and that they have started to collapse, bringing the Priestess to comment that world’s time is about to end. Don’t ask me, I don’t know what she meant either.


My head keeps spinning with doubts, hypothesis and emotions after this 4th episode. Sadly, I don’t see any answers coming soon, but I think that’s fine, as far as we keep watching the plot unfold with this same intensity and interest. As I said in my profile, I like any show that makes you think, if you also do like the same, I can assure that you’re happy to be watching Fractale…

Over… and out.


3 Responses to “Fractale – Episode 4… It’s getting dark in here”

  1. 10 February 2011 at 2:01 am

    I’m still enjoying Fractale, but for the most part right now I just want to punch Clain in the face. He’s such an irritating protagonist to me.

    • 10 February 2011 at 3:55 am

      Well, he’s a 12 years old boy after all.. but have patience, if Enri’s henchman was killed (for me, probably the most annoying character), then probably Clain will change his ways soon..

  2. 3 Shay Guy
    11 February 2011 at 8:48 am

    “A lot of people are curious about what lies behind your resignation, Miss Phryne. You had a brilliant career. Your record is impeccable. They want to know why you suddenly left.”

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