Myself; Yourself (Episode 10)

While it’s all quiet in the Wakatsuki residence, their stepmother Saiko went out for a drink with another guy (probably his secret) as she complained about the twins and later went to a love hotel together. The next day, Shuri and Shuusuke went to visit their mother’s grave. As they were about to leave, she held his hands but immediately he pulled away, saying that they are no longer kids. She admits to it, pointing out that it reminds her the feelings they had with their mother before.

Myself; Yourself
Slut. Whore. Bitch. You name it.

After dinner, they strolled around town and came to a gift shop. Inside Shuri spotted misangas on sale so Shuusuke decided to buy one for her as to cheer her up. In return, she bought another one for him which probably serves the whole purpose of the misanga. After that, they walked back home together hand-in-hand with their matching pair of bracelet worn on their wrists. A shocking turn of event took place the next day when the twins were called up to the principal’s office again. They both were accused to be seen together in a love hotel as stated inside an anonymous letter sent to the school. They denied the allegation, pointing out the fact that they are sibling. However that is where the problem relies as the vice principal suggested the possibility of a social taboo of incest between those two. They told them that they were visiting their mother’s grave that alleged time as it was the anniversary of their mother’s death then. They further explained that they went for dinner and to a gift shop before going back home. When they were asked for their alibi, they couldn’t give any answer. Yuzuki who was there to listen all these, had enough of it and lashed out to the vice principal for the empty accusation having noted that the letter may be a prank. The vice principal was curious about Yuzuki siding her students instead and in an honorable stance, she declared herself as their homeroom teacher and that she must stand by their side. The principal who less argued in the matter gave her verdict not to pursue further, considering the suspicious nature of the letter. Even so, she had to inform the matter to their parents. The twins do not seem too happy about this and indeed, their intuition was true. Shuusuke got punched hard on his face when he was facing his father about the letter. However the real problem that their father was concern about is whether the issue would affect his position for the coming election.

Myself; Yourself
Remembering the dead. This one is their mother by the way.

Myself; Yourself

Myself; Yourself
Trouble at school. And there’s that bastard on the right as usual.

Myself; Yourself
The trouble didn’t stop there. Daddy was not too happy to hear about it.

Things gotten even worse at school the next day. Shuusuke didn’t explain the bruise he had on his face to Sana and Nanaka as they were on their way to their classroom. Shuusuke and Shuri had an unpleasant surprise for them in their classroom when they saw a love umbrella drawn on the writing board with their names under it. Shuri was in shock to see that and ran away. Shuusuke on the other hand, took the violent approach by kicking down the teacher’s desk and threaten the person who drew to confess though Sana tried his best to calm him down. Later on, Shuri explained everything that had happened to Sana and Asami while on the bus on their way to the hospital to visit Grandma Kajii who was recovering from pneumonia. Over there, they presented a basket of apples which they brought to her as a gift. Borrowing a knife, Shuri offered herself to peel off the apple and to both Asami and Sana’s dismay, her skills with the knife was not so promising. Unfortunately she cut her finger while peeling the apple and it was then, Sana caught sight of the blade with a little stain of Shuri’s blood. This combination of blood and knife sent chills to Sana as he turned pale, watching the knife in horror. This is expected though – it is not the first time we saw this reaction from Sana. Shuri who had just got her tiny cut mended returned to the room with Asami, noticing Sana’s shaken state as he excused himself from the room. Asami decided to check on him. So leaving Shuri and Kaji alone together in the room, the old lady began to talk about the legend of the twin hills to her. She revealed that she had made a wish herself to have her dead granddaughter resurrected back to life. However her wish was never fulfilled despite of a few sacrifice offerings that she had made. First was a bird, then a cat, which explains about the disappearance though I had this figured already. Having thought that those sacrifices were not enough, she decided to have a human sacrifice instead. You should be able to figure her intention by now.

Myself; Yourself
The love umbrella, bearing the names Shuusuke and Shuri.

Myself; Yourself
You won’t want to mess up with Shuusuke when he’s angry.

Myself; Yourself
Apples for charity (no, not iMacs or iPhones)

Myself; Yourself
Sana’s worst nightmare. And you know what.

Myself; Yourself
Bloody knife and psycho grandma. Not a good combination.

Turning to Shuri with a knife on her hand, Kaji tried to make the kill. To Shuri’s luck, Sana and Asami returned by the nick of time to see what Kaji was about to attempt. There was not much time to do some thinking, so Asami hurried herself to stop Kaji to save Shuri but in then end, she injured herself in the process. Moments later, Asami was taken to surgery which then the surgeon expects her to have a full recovery. Not so much of a relief for Shuri though once she got back home. Her father decided to send Shuri to study overseas, all the way to London. Shuri who does not accept this, demanded an explanation from his father. Laden with excuses of his concern for the rumours that would disturb her life, what her father was worried about is actually the news of the attack to be leaked to the media that would affect his campaign for the election. This infuriated Shuri and took firm stand to not to leave for London. Shuusuke heard Shuri marching to her room and decided to check on her. She explained everything to him and having understand the situation, he opposed to their father’s idea. Shuri never want to be separated from Shuusuke ever since their mother died, so Shuusuke came to the thought of running away from home together with her and promised to look out for her this time.

Myself; Yourself
“Don’t worry, dear. This won’t hurt at all.”

Myself; Yourself
Black blood parody. What a cliche!

Myself; Yourself
“London got.. well… they have… stuff. So why not you go there?”

Myself; Yourself
I really hope nothing else would happen after this.

Intensity builds up in this episode when the Wakatsuki twins decided to take matters into their hands. Meaning that they will take action to their own decisions from now on. With so much conflict in their house, there’s no wondering why they have never considered their house as their home. However I am surprised of how things turned out for the twins and also to Kaji. We all anticipated for Kaji to use desperate measures to have her wish fulfilled. Grandma Kaji gotten her judgment clouded by the death of her granddaughter and had gone wicked scary to have her back from the dead. Although I would expect her to resort on human sacrifice, I did not expect it to happen at this point of the story with all the blood when Asami was injured trying to save Shuri. I can’t say the story edged closer to the truth behind Sana’s dark past but with everything that had happened, I’m sure things will be unveiled in the next two episodes the most. This leaves us the question of what will happen in the finale. We’ve knew Nanaka’s past already, seen blood, Sana’s past will be revealed soon enough though this may not get to the finale and the only unresolved matter is the situation with Shuri and Shuusuke. Now back to square one – I have no idea what would happen next. All I can say for this episode is the intensity with the turn of events that wells up all the way to the finale. Emotions were noted but the blood is oddly coloured in black, probably discretion ever since School Days made such a bold ending with all the blood and death. Fans might be expecting the same for Myself; Yourself somehow but I have doubt for such similar ending. Gore is such a cliche in anime nowadays.

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