Gundam 00 (Episode 15)

With a total of 52 participating squads and 832 mobile suits deployed, the military exercise cordially joined by the HRL, Union and AEU is about to begin as preparations are underway for their largest military movement ever. However all this were made as a cover for their real objective of capturing the Gundams.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Terrorism remained a big threat even after 3 centuries later.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Never fret. The Gundams are there to save the day.

Over the HRL chairman’s desk, he was confirmed about the purported terrorist attack at the uranium enrichment facility. That was done as their lure to get the Celestial Being to make their move to send the Gundams there. With communication devices scattered all over the place, it was easy for them to detect the approaching Gundams. Commanders from all three sides were shocked by the ongoing terrorist attack and less surprising, the Gundams are coming their way. However they immediately understand that the military exercise is nothing but a master plan to capture the Gundams. The Celestial Being is well aware of the risk and had only sent Kyrios carrying Dynames to snipe down the terrorists. Despite their most careful approach, the waiting army on the ground sent endless barrage of missiles towards them. Not only the missiles, even a squadron of Flag fighters were scrambled to engage the Gundams. Lockon and Allelujah finds themselved trapped amongst the huge military presence there. Yet the bombardment continues and they were helpless to do anything for the moment. No matter how you look at the situation, an ambush of such scale is considered as an act of cowardice. Judging from the situation, Sumeragi predicts that Dynames and Kyrios switched to another plan whereby Exia and Virtue will join into the battlefield. Using the GN Bazooka, Virtue blasted a huge escape route for Dynames and Kyrios. However they both were heavily bombarded and it was impossible for Virtue to use the GN Bazooka.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Surprise attack.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
It’s too much for Dynames and Kyrios to handle.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Showing no mercy.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Sumeragi is also worried for them.

Sumeragi who could on follow up the progress away from the battlefield, can clearly see of how the plans switched dramatically from the passing time. She is also worried for Allelujah as there was a particular unit in the opposing team. That unit Sumeragi was referring to is no other than Soma Peries, HRL’s own Super Soldier who is fast approaching Dynames and Kyrios with her assault team. Allelujah already sensed her presence with his splitting headache. Then they engaged into battle. Exia and Virtue, on the other hand, tried their best hold up against the endless barrage of missiles. Setsuna was frustrated that Virtue’s GN Bazooka takes very long time to recharge. Meanwhile Kyrios was taking hits from Soma’s Taozi. Unknown to Soma, Allelujah had already changed to Hallelujah but he immediately fought back against Soma. Fortunately for Soma, her supporting members were there to hold Kyrios down and Allelujah took back control of Kyrios. The fighting continues to the night and after gone under heavy bombardment for 15 hours, the fighting stops. As dramatic as how the bombardment is, the bombardment ends in the same fashion. Little did they know that Union and AEU had already dispatched their elite team to proceed on capturing the Gundams. Nonetheless this gave the Gundams a small window of opportunity to escape but Virtue did not went far when the AEU squad led by Patrick confronted Virtue. However Tieria was helpless to do anything as the Hellions quickly deployed a force field around Virtue, rendering Virtue immobile. Kyrios meanwhile gave in to Taozi and her supporting Tierens.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Virtue using GN Bazooka.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Exia is enjoying the fireworks display.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
The endless fighting is a big headache.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Kyrios pawned. Pink can Taozi owning.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
It takes 4 mobile suits to hold down the jumbo Virtue.

Graham’s Over Flags went on to approach Dynames who is occupied by the attacking ground units. As Graham ordered a team formation, Joshua went rogue and went to engage Dynames by himself. However his cockiness got himself killed by Dynames’ GN Handgun. Despite of losing a member in his team, Graham pursued the team to maintain their formation and he took the lead charge towards Dynames and knocked Dynames down. It was Exia that was the only one who managed to escape. But he was not alone any longer. An armored mobile suit is coming towards him and identifying the Enact, Setsuna recognized the Enact’s pilot as Ali Al-Saachez. This time however, Ali’s Enact is much stronger now with France’s Agrissa equipped to it. Ali uses Agrissa’s plasma field to suppress Exia. Ali who obviously have a murderous intention to destroy Exia with its pilot while Setsuna began to think that his life is about to be over. It was then he recalled his first encounter with a Gundam and began to call out for Gundam. Certainly his plea was heard when another mobile suit, a Gundam with red particles and somehow this depicts well his despair during the time when he first encounter a Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Lockon’s Dynames is no match against Graham’s Enact.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Ali’s Enact equipped with Agrissa mobile armor.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
s this the end for Gundam Exia?

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Not yet. A new Gundam has arrived.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Setsuna is rescued by a Gundam again.

I can imagine how Gundam 00 might turn out to be the same old Gundam story we came to love and hate. First is Setsuna who began to think of how weak he is even after he obtained a Gundam for himself. Guide himself well (the appearance of the new Gundam is one) and he strive to become the strongest Gundam pilot ever. As if we had never heard of this kind of story from Gundam before. Second is the obvious; the capture of Gundams. Not one but three of them. It seems that Tieria, Kyrios and Dynames were easily suppressed and captured by the overwhelming forces of the united world superpowers. Unless there’s more new Gundams on their way to save them, there won’t be any salvation for the captured Gundams. Third is also apparent. The arrival of new Gundams. I know that it is typical but their introduction to the story is timely. Much of the hype I felt is about the new Gundam’s design. If you want to spoil yourself, click here. Now for more spoilers. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to read the spoilers. The new Gundam that came to save Exia is Gundam Throne Drei. Drei is one of the three latest addition to the new range of Gundams, dubbed the Gundam Throne. Much interesting is the pilots of the Gundam Thrones who are actually siblings. The Trinity siblings would be the new members of the Celestial Being or if that is not the case, the members of another supporting team for the Celestial Being. It’s quite eerie to know that there is a greater presence behind the already strong Celestial Being. There is no telling to how many Gundams really are out there and if there are much stronger ones than Gundam Throne. As I had said Gundam Thrones are piloted by the Trinity siblings and the pilot for Drei is surprisingly a girl, Neena Trinity. Again, should the story follows the conservative plot styling, Setsuna might team up with the new Gundams and eventually brings Exia to its greater glory as the strongest Gundam ever. A lame ending yet the possibility is there.

2 Responses to “Gundam 00 (Episode 15)”

  1. 1 Loba
    28 January 2008 at 10:14 pm

    On the contrary, I feel the current team of CB will revolt against the rest (excluding fatso gundam) eventually. Gundam versus gundam!!!!

    And oh, I hate the new thrones. They look like crap.

    SVMS-01E Union Flag (Graham Custom) wins my heart. Where’s my MG 1/100 SVMS-01E Union Flag (Graham Custom)?

  2. 2 Brian
    29 January 2008 at 12:58 am

    same here. i like Graham’s Custom Union Flag. the design is much better than the gundam themselves.

    i don’t deny that gundam throne looks like utter crap. only gundam throne eins looks a little better to me.

    i do agree that the story might end up with gundam vs gundam. but i believe it is the gundam throne that may have gone rouge and its up to CB’s gundam to stop them.

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