Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 5

Another plot added, this time, by the code name Izanami. This brings another question mark to this already mystery-laden story. Although things seem to pick up for the plot progress, this episode however felt more like a filler to me. No real development and the epilogue of Suou’s past did not help either. The only real progress to the story are the introduction of another contractor for Section 3, Michiru, and the first mention of Izanami. The rest are all about Suou, which makes me sad because Hei is no longer the central character of DTB. It felt that DTB Gemini is only an OVA instead of a sequel.

Not sure which is a better father figure: alcoholic Hei or obviously-not-human Pecha/Mao

Synopsis: Madame Oreille revealed everything that Misaki had already know but added that BK201’s star disappeared because his ability was gone too due to the anti-contractor device. She mentioned about the Mikata documents with the keyword Izanami, which can help her in her investigation. She also subtly revealed that the twins who are with her are actually ghost who can see everything on Earth from the red and blue stars in the sky. Explains why she is the best informant ever. At their usual hideout, Suou is practising her sniping then maintained her rifle, revealing that the ammo will reload by itself in her pocket but her rifle still requires proper maintenance although it too appeared out of her like the ammo. With some cash given by Hei, Suou went to Noah’s Ark with July where Lebanon works at. He told her that his wife is a contractor and Norio was three when it happened. As a give-away present, Lebanon gave Suou a pot to allow her to cook next time. Meanwhile, Hei received an instruction of a mission for Suou but Hei protested against it. Heading back, Hei noticed a fire was shot at the hotel where they stayed. Turns out that Suou did it because of a cockroach. Thinking over how Suou hated him and bugs, he noticed how inconsistent of a contractor Suou is with all those emotions. In the Section 3 headquarters, Misaki is doing her own investigation before she was summoned for a mission to transport an item from Sapporo codename Izanami. Hazuki also reported of BK201 sighting at Sapporo too.

Need to exterminate bugs? Try a sniper rifle!

Pick your favourite loli; Pecha included


Soon after, Section 3 agents arrived at the hotel where Hei is staying with the children. He decided to draw attention to himself while allowing the rest to escape. One of the agents is a contractor who is able to manipulate water. The contractor turns out to be Michiru. Making sure the three had escaped, Hei too made a run for it. The following day, the Section 3 team arrived at the scene to an assessment when Norio spotted his mother among them. She however ignored him. Elsewhere, Hei went to retrieve payment from the agency he’s working for. He then ordered Suou to shoot down a bird to make sure she is not conflicted as a contractor. Though reluctant, she did it anyway but cried because of it. Meanwhile in Noah’s Ark, Lebanon and Norio were surprised by Michiru’s visit. At Section 3, Misaki briefed the team on their transport mission. She then headed to check on the cargo, Izanami. Night time and Suou was preparing dinner made out of weed. She offered some to Hei though the taste was not pleasant but necessary for its nutrients. He told her that she has a mission and she demanded payment, which he immediately pay. The next day, Hei went on to do his mission. He decided to stop the trucks carrying the cargo before it is sent to the harbour where it will be transported by sea. He devised a plan using an exploding car and firecrackers for diversion before using smoke screen to infiltrate. It was quick task for Hei who managed to sneak into a truck that is carrying what it seems to be the Izanami. At the harbour, Suou kept a lookout at the sea when she had a flashback of her family visit to the aquarium. She then spotted a submarine surfacing near the harbour.


Ever wondered how weed (not marijuana) taste like?

July does not seem to have a problem though

I have no idea what Izanami is and neither is Hei

Chibi Suou and Shion. Mama not included.

Thoughts: For once, a contractor whose remuneration was not immediately shown but I have a feeling that she have to eat a meringue for remuneration as suggested in the next episode preview. This probably explains why she dropped by Noah’s Ark. From this connection, Norio and Lebanon will play a central role in the story’s progress given that Michiru is a contractor for Section 7. She is, after all, Norio’s mother. To say that she is Lebanon’s wife is of ill taste somehow. If you ask me, comical character like Norio don’t tend to survive long in the story though there are a few exceptions. Remember Patrick from Gundam 00? He may as well survived as he did but given that he is going to get caught between his mother and his new-found love in Suou, things can go either way for him. The epilogue was sort of useless. Yes, there was a flashback of Suou’s life but that revealed nothing. The only thing the epilogue provide was a submarine. And we don’t even know where the submarine is originated from. I suspect that it’s from Russia though, you know, because of the Cold War and stuff. But then, it is also possible that the submarine carries the Izanami as suggested by Misaki during her mission briefing. As I mentioned earlier, this season of DTB seems to be focused on Suou as she seems to be the key for whatever is to come. As a result, Hei get sidelined. Nevertheless, it was a good change to see Hei put down his bottle of liquor and go for food to eat. Hopeful for the old Hei we know to return? Yes, only if he decided to shave his face clean. Just say no to hobo Hei!



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