Durarararararara 7 ra’s

The Awesomerific Column by Poro

What do you get when you make a modern Hercules?  You get a man of  mass destruction who really doesn’t want to be a man of mass destruction.  Through the tasks he commits he gains confidence and renown.  I found it really amusing how Shizuo is like the spitting image of Hercules.  Perhaps you don’t know the tale of Hercule’s 12 tasks.  Well, that’s not really important.  Time to get to the main plot.

Before we begin let me state a fundamental change of views for me:  Shinra is a hunky-dory psychopath with some serious issues.

Kinda of like this guy. I edited it to make it look a tad bit more realistic.

Then again, he WAS raised by a psychotic dad so we forgive him.  I just find it sick that he constantly goes around asking the most dangerous people questions and investigating them.  Shizuo should have smashed him to bits by now but Shinra is too smart and knows when to say and not to say things.


We learn about Shizuo and his past.  The end.


The stop sign symbol in my perspective represents several things.  It represents his control that keeps his power under control.  It represents his power, the stop signs represents his inability to communicate and act like a normal person.  It represents the true nature of Shizuo.  He is rather a mystery.  We don’t know what goes on his head or body like Celty.  I doubt neither of their personal philosophy except for the very basics will  be explored.  Honey and Clover is the only one that seems to go into depth of the human mind.  Sure this anime and plenty of others have, but not as deep…

But Celty and Shizuo being such good friends is a bit hard to comprehend.  Two outcasts with communication  problems and with extraordinary abilities.  I doubt they relate though.  They are too different.  Perhaps the only similarity they share is that they are both too different? 😉

PS. I KNOW it is way late… I’m sorry ;_; I’ll try harder next time.

2 Responses to “Durarararararara 7 ra’s”

  1. 26 February 2010 at 6:47 am

    Well, everyone has their muse. In Shizuo’s case, he needs someone who won’t be afraid of him and who also has to deal with extraordinary abilities… and the accompanying issues. Enter Celty, who is more bizarre and even more of a social outcast. In a way, it’s probably comforting that he isn’t the biggest freak in the city. She also seems to be a good listener, after all, she puts up with Shinra’s crap all the time.

  2. 26 February 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Maybe another thing they have in common is not having fun around Izaya. Though in Shizuo’s case he has valid reasons to want to break that guy into 1,000 pieces. It was a surprise to hear about Celty and Shizuo being friends. Guess since they both don’t really fit into the normal world they can relate. They are very different from each other, but it doesn’t change being different from everyone else.

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