Sora no Woto episode 9

Kanata and the others wonder if something is strange about Rio’s behaviour. As a typhoon settles in, Claus arrives with a package for Rio. After the others tell Kanata about Princess Iliya, they hear from Yumina that Seiya has gone missing and go into the city to search for him. Kureha and Claus find Mishio, who leads them to Seiya, who was trying to protect some eggplants. Whilst they manage to get Seiya to safety, Kureha and Claus are blocked off by a rockfall. It is revealed that Claus isn’t actually the desert wolf Kureha believed him to be. As the others send a wire over, the ground collapses beneath them, but Claus manages to rescue Kureha before she falls in. Despite knowing he is a fake, she still recognises Claus as the person she admires.

“ahahahaha. You failed, missus.”

The first thing I noticed in this episode was the pantsu-service they showed in many scenes.  On the more important issues, it was surprisingly a good episode even though the plot again stood still.  We get to see more of Rio in this episode which makes you wonder how they will play out the final episodes.  If you’re wondering why this post doesn’t get an introduction where I’m blogging my thoughts, it means I either have nothing to say or am really tired.  In this case, I can’t really think of anything.


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