Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 8

To make a short story short, it’s another episode of random actions and original comedy that makes Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu so light-hearted and entertaining to watch.  This episode focuses on the plot where the school’s ESB surrounding system goes haywire and only… yep, you got it Yoshii is able to summon his being properly (thanks to the finally-useful stone bracelet) and he has to connect the wire back in the main control.  Problem is, will he be able to beat and survive his friends’ evil beings?  It all begins now.

This episode has so many Code Geas and Evangelion references.

Yes, in case you are wondering why these pictures look so unlike the characters (well, except for Minami I guess), it’s because one malfunction of the beings is that they appear as the adult version of the characters.  Himeji seems to change a whole lot (I like) but Minami seems to stay the same.  Valedictorian-chan seems to just have longer hair and Yoshii’s friends turn gay (much to the amusement of the others).  Hideyoshi ends up… you can take a look.  You get to see Voyeur try to get a picture of these girls naked but failing.  LOL it was a good try though.




Uh… does liking this picture make me gay?

Anyways, the beings go haywire and it’s up to Yoshii and his idiocy to save the day.  He levels his points by taking a bunch of elementary school tests and beats his friends’ evil beings to save the day.  Unfortunately, Himeji’s evil demon-being can still kick his ass… that is, until she purposely flunks herself to make her being completely powerless.  Yoshii saves the day and all is well.  The battle scenes are basically played in an Evangelion style which was funny in its own sense but the Super Mario reference was lame.

“You’ve just been poisoned.”

Why do their hair colors change?

And how come she’s the only one with a cool demon-outfit?

All in all, very funny episode but as usual, the same thoughts.  Original comedy with good moments.  Unlike shows like Duararara, you run out of things to say for this episode.


1 Response to “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 8”

  1. 4 March 2010 at 3:44 am

    I’m not sure why they did the color changes, but when I saw Yuuji’s pallete swap, I immediately thought Kittan from TTGL. Maybe that’s just a coincidence though.

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