Freezing 5 – The Friend Zone

Haha, as I was watching the intro for the episode I thought to myself that this intro is so misleading, Satellizer does wear such clothes, no one wears any clothes besides their school uniform! And then what do you know, Satelizer wears something different, heehee.

Satellizer choosing clothes
Anyway, after last weeks ‘pointless’ episode, we move along quite abit in this episode. In other words… a lot of stuff happens! Finally.

Before the intro even starts we get a quick glimpse at a new character. She looks like she could be a water-bender from the Last Airbender. When the show resumes Aoi is chatting with his friends Hiiragi & Arthur (who looks more like a Clive to me), obviously as they start gossiping about Bridgette she suddenly appears behind them and asks to speak with Aoi in private. On top of the roof we get our first juicy bit of info/story progression – Bridgette pops the question, she asks Aoi to be her limiter! But quickly adds that she still doesnt want to baptize him, but since he can use freezing without the Eirenbar Set it doesn’t matter. As any shy virgin male would respond, Aoi quickly accepts… enter THE FRIEND ZONE!!

Later whilst sharing burgers (Bridgettes preferred food source) things get more interesting, Bridgette invites Aoi over to her room that evening ~ooooh!. Aoi responds by staring at her boobs, naturally.

First Entry
Now we formally meet the new character we saw at e beginning of the episode. Still kitted out as a water-bender she introduces herself as Rana Linchen, a new student at the academy. Aoi chivalrously helps her find her bearings before heading off to his ‘appointment’ with Bridgette, escorted by Hiiragi & Clive(Arthur). They try to warn Aoi about the FRIEND ZONE but he doesnt heed their advice, they also explain to him “rather indulgent custom” between pandora & limiter known as First Room Entry. Its quite shocking how this academy seems to be promoting sex between its students, atleast they seem to be promoting monogomy as well.

Upon arrival at the 2nd year dorms they are intercepted by three of the pandoras Satellizer thrashed in the Carnival (see ep1). They are of the opinion that the ony way to get back at Bridgette is too beat up Aoi, which makes little sense because supposedly no one knows about their new companionship. Typical girls school – gossip spreads like wildfire. Blood, erotic torture and boobs (Hiiragi’s) ensue.

That is, until our new friend Rana stumbles by and single handedly takes out the 3 bully pandoras, without a volt weapon I may hand… she’s pretty hardcore! It was probably the best (albeit shortest) fight of the series so far. Also during the fight Aoi went all mental freezing mode on everyone but over-exerted himself and collapsed.

Rana kicking ass
Clive(Arthur) lets Bridgette know that Aoi is in the hospital and won’t make their appointment. She then rushes over to the hospital where she finds Rana patiently waiting outside Aoi’s room. Not knowing who she is Bridgette is immediately suspicious of Rana but Clive(Arthur) wisely guides Rana away to see the far mar injured Hiiragi. Here she explains to Hiiragi & Clive(Arthur)that she will be attending the school and that she intends to make Aoi her ‘destined one‘, more commonly knwn as limiter – LOVE TRIANGLE INTIATED! The show has officialy begun. Finally.

Tears of KulunRana Linchen

1 Response to “Freezing 5 – The Friend Zone”

  1. 1 Tako
    11 February 2011 at 10:11 am

    normally i don’t like chicks in anime with glasses but satelizer will be my exception!

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