The path to insanity: Watching 400 TV anime series

Now that I’m done with exams and the semester, I officially have NO life for about 4 months! Too Long!! Oh well, for this long period of having nothing productive to do, I guess that I have two objectives: Lose the beer belly and reach new heights as an anime watcher.

Sure, those numbers may not seem so special, if I wasn’t 19 years old. If watching over 300 tv anime series at that age seems like a sad achievement as a human being, then reaching 400 at the age of 20 may just prove that I’m clinically insane. At least, I don’t own any hug pillows… of anime characters… yet. But that’s only a defense line to prove I didn’t turn into the creepy 0taku type. LOL

To watch 79 anime, I have to rely on new season shows. Right now, I’m watching these anime on regular basis (ignore the OVAs).

By the end of Spring Season, 8 to 10 anime should be over. If I assume that I’ll also finish the same amount of new anime during the summer, I should be left with  ~ 60 anime. I still have some anime on Bluray or DVD that I need to watch. Those anime are Spice & Wolf I, Suzuka , Linebarrels of Iron , Witchblade , Chobits (LOL) and Shigurui: Death Frenzy. So, technically, I only have to fetch an extra ~55 anime.

What is 55 anime?

If we’re talking about bare minimum, it means a range from 55 X 12 to 55 X 13 episodes, or  660 to 715 episodes. This is the equivalent of watching the first Naruto 3 times. For those who knows illegal anime broadcasting on Justin TV, playing Naruto one time is the equivalent of 4-5 days without having your computer crashing. For those who only buys anime, that’s at least ~ $2750 worth of anime box sets if the average price for a 13 episode series is $50 depending of where, when and what you buy. That’s like buying Kara no Kyoukai 7 times. Obviously, those numbers are subject to change for higher values as I have to take into account those 24, 25, 26, 50, 52, 100+ episode series. 715 episodes may not even come close to the amount needed to reach the goal. Realistically speaking, the episode range may as well be 800-950 episodes.

So yeah, I’ll be on a mentally perilous trip to watch 79 anime in 4 months. 50% of these shows will probably be bad. My brain may not make it to the next school semester. And I still need to cover Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead and Nazo no Kanojo X on weekly basis, and count cats in Kimi to Boku II (I did not forget!!), which is actually the worst thing of all because the way how I count the cats is I watch the episode once and re-play it on a fast forward giving the characters more girly voices.

One thing’s for sure: I may have to do the same thing as Aikawa Ayumu. By that, I don’t mean to cross-dress, but rather to say goodbye to my old self and welcome my new self since the whole thing is actually self-brainwashing. Who knows; this road to insanity may just turn me into a yaoi fan or a lolicon, which may as well be worse than cross-dressing.

RIP Old Thai-Vu

1 Response to “The path to insanity: Watching 400 TV anime series”

  1. 1 zeflemista
    27 April 2012 at 11:10 pm

    hi5 for being 19 and for having watched over 300 anime series c:

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