My sexuality is being jeopardized: Kyoto new project is K-ON! w/ ONLY boys!

Remember that rant I posted the other day saying:

Sigh, I was really hoping for K-ON! 2.0 with boys edition.

Kyoto got right on it.  BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!  AND THEY”RE SERIOUS!!   They literally just made the four genderbent into hot bishounens. I wanted cute girls who regularly interacted with boys on a day to day basis.  Not cute guys only!  In the fujoshi population of the anime fandom, you can hear the arousal calls of thousands going: “UEHEHEHEHEHEH.”  And the REAL issue is. I might just join them.

Now for the specs:

Title:  Swimming/「水泳編」

Production staff:

  • Storyboards & director: Hiroko Utsumi (ANN)
  • Character design & animation director: Futoshi Nishiya (ANN)
  • Key animators: Fumio Tada (ANN), Taichi Ishidate (ANN), Nao Naito(ANN), Eisaku Kawanami (Animation Do; ANN), Tatsuya Satou(Animation Do; ANN)
  • In-between check: Motoki Matsumura (Animation Do; ANN)
  • Color design: Yūka Yoneda (ANN)
  • Special effects: Shizuka Uno (ANN)
  • Background: Jouji Unoguchi (ANN)
  • Director of photography: Kazuya Takao (ANN)


  • Composition & arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
  • Music production: Lantis
  • Music producer: Shigeru Saitou (Lantis)
  • Sound production: Rakuonsha


that’s from here.

4 Responses to “My sexuality is being jeopardized: Kyoto new project is K-ON! w/ ONLY boys!”

  1. 11 March 2013 at 5:30 am

    My god…what have you done?

    Well good for those who will seriously appreciate this. I’ll probably steer clear though :).

  2. 15 March 2013 at 1:32 am

    are you a girl or guy just curious? and also, i havent seen K-on! and am scared to….after the disappointment of Colonial Marines, i dont htink i could take it

    • 3 blindability
      15 March 2013 at 11:41 am

      I don’t know if Poro will reply, but he is male. And I’m not sure if you should watch K-On! either; it depends on what your expectations are. I personally loved it – watched both seasons, all the extras, and the movie. I’m also watching (and enjoying) Tamako Market which is also produced by KyoAni. Regardless of storyline, the animation is pretty solid (if you like it cute).

  3. 15 March 2013 at 9:01 pm

    I’m always up for a change of pace, but guys in swimsuits isn’t exactly what I had in mind. I guess it’s better than another rehash of K-On! though.

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