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Jumpin’ down the rabbit’s hole… Again!

How would a BnB party look like...

Hi there! It’s been a while since I last had the honor to post my shallow words into this wonderful blog. It’s weird how you realize something is important only after you start missing it so badly that holding up without it is actually painful… well, that wasn’t the case in here, but still I really missed writing down for all of you!

Before I start babbling nonsense about many interesting otaku topics, let me apologize to both readers and writers of BnB for my absence. Unfortunately, real life is not precisely like anime or mangas, and sometimes we have to take a small hiatus to set all the wheels back in the road… Fortunately (at least for me..), it seems that I’m all set to get back to my weekly posts.

Well, first of all, I haven’t been completely out of the anime world during this time, and I also have been pending of some manga series pretty interesting to comment about. So, if you allow me, I’d like to give some brief update at least about my main topics. Will update on other series soon!

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Best Anime of 2010

I lied.  I got one more post for you all and it’s basically my Christmas present to the rest of my team and your viewers who take your time to come to this site.  As a tradition, we award the best anime shows of 2010 but this time, we’re doing things a bit differently.  Regardless, here’s a bland generic picture of a 2010 anime to get things started before you guys have to click on the “Click here to read more button”.

How we’re basically going to do this is we picked a bunch of shows from the different seasons and gave each season a pick.  Of course, we have one runner-up who also should get credit for having a fun and/or good anime.  Don’t expect Sekirei ~pure engagement~ to be on this list because as much as some of us enjoy bouncing boobs, ripping clothes, and hot girls fighting, that doesn’t define anime.  Imagine what would happen to us if we followed that stereotype.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 13 [REAL final]

I thought we were going to get a special episode, but all we got was another class A versus class F episode.  This time, it’s one-on-one with Yoshii, the biggest idiot, and Shouko, the class A representative.  Mis-matched in every way, Yoshii and class A requested for a rematch due to unfair circumstances.  Worst episode of the entire series, as the action was worthless, the plot was incredibly chessy, and the scenes went much too quickly.  However, I love the references to the old episode – Teika reforms in 625, Striker Sigma V, and everything.  Himeji is given a chance to go back to class A again but deliberately doesn’t put her name which gives her a zero.  Just when I got sad, an announcement that there is going to be a second season.  One word: EPIC.

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A look back at the winter season

Just to let you know, these are my personal opinions from what I’ve been watching this season.  If you don’t agree, just feel free to civilly comment below on what you think differently.  An overall season impression – the boring ones have disappointed, but the underdogs certainly stood up to take their spots.  Nevertheless, somewhat exceeding expectations in terms of enjoyment.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: 9.0 / 10.0

Funny as hell, and you’ll never tire from watching it again and again.  This needs to be an RPG… and have a second season.  Don’t expect one though after a nice conclusion to the last episode.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 12 [final]

Spiral’s four strategies in concluding the BakaTest series:

1. You steal your twin’s BL novels and tell an idiot like Yoshii to broadcast the news to class A.  During this time, you challenge class A to a ESB-battle.  Probability of success: 99.99%

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 10 – 11

Yes, this post will be combining episode 10 and 11 because I couldn’t find the time to watch either on the TV so I had to browse the internet for some streaming sites.  Anyways, let’s take a look shall we?

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 9

For some odd reason, it felt like an incredibly short time since episode 8 came out, and I found myself wondering, “What the…”  Obviously, Baka to Test aired weekly, but to me it only felt like seven days!  And we all know that’s way shorter than a week by far.  Anyways, it’s Baka to Test, so we shouldn’t expect anything out of the normal, except for the typical humor, funny lines, and an interesting group of ‘bakas’.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 8

To make a short story short, it’s another episode of random actions and original comedy that makes Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu so light-hearted and entertaining to watch.  This episode focuses on the plot where the school’s ESB surrounding system goes haywire and only… yep, you got it Yoshii is able to summon his being properly (thanks to the finally-useful stone bracelet) and he has to connect the wire back in the main control.  Problem is, will he be able to beat and survive his friends’ evil beings?  It all begins now.

This episode has so many Code Geas and Evangelion references.

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