Darker Than Black (Episode 6)

The story still kept me excited but not as exciting as Claymore that I am currently watching. On another note, I was reminding myself that the musics of Darker Than Black are composed by Yoko Kanno and I must say the style is definitely different. I can’t say that I like her works here. I actually preferred those that she had done for Ghost in the Shell rather than this one. But anyway she is not my favourite. In fact, my favourite is Yoshihisha Hirano who did for Death Note and Ouran High School Host Club. Those orchestra music never cease to amaze me. So about the episode this time, it is less exciting compared to the previous one but it does score on character development as some of Hei’s past is revealed. Not much but at least we get to know some background about him, which pretty much is shrouded in mystery. But the real mystery for me is the Syndicate, the secret organisation that Hei serves for.

Hei began interrogating Havoc about what had happened to herself, Amber and Pai when South America disappeared and he started to break her fingers. Tough treatment. He was really concerned about his sister, Pai. Havoc began to talk, saying that she is not Amber’s friends and that she do not know what had happened to the other two. She admitted about being in South America to carry out the Syndicate’s mission. However she did not know what had happened after that and the next thing she realised is that she is in an European countryside. She also had lost her powers and stayed there, away from the Syndicate. However Hei was not satisfied by her answer but Havoc insisted that she did not have the information that he seek. She added that once he entered into a contract, Contractors prioritize neither the organisations they serve for nor their ideologies but themselves. That is why Contractors are not subject to loyalty and that they will tell everything they know if questioned. Havoc pointed out that Hei is not a Contractor and yet he is the most brutal among those who serve the Syndicate, fearfully known as the Black Reaper (Black Shinigami). And that he is a Contractor now, she was surprised that he gets emotional over his sister. Hei was not happy to hear this and slapped her. After that she also indicated that his mental state is stable unlike a Moratorium or even doing his remuneration. With this, she questioned Hei whether he is a Contractor or not. Now here’s an interesting point. So far Hei does displayed his abilities matching to a Contractor. His real power is still unclear but I noticed he had shown more than one abilities. And if he really is not a Contractor, that will be even more interesting.

Darker Than Black
PSA from Darker Than Black: STOP domestic violence!

At the city, Misaki was pondering about BK201 who is actually Hei or better known as the Black Reaper. She saw Saitou who just came by and asked where are the MI6 agents. He said that they are at the hotel and that Kouno and Matsumoto are with them, adding that he won’t allow them to go unchecked around Japan. Surprise to Saitou when November 11 had suddenly appeared with April and July. Then Misaki got a call from Kouno, saying that they have lost sight of November 11 and the rest. She said that they are there with her and asked them to come over. November 11 offered Misaki their help. Misaki hesitated but November reminded her that they are dealing with the Black Reaper and kidnapped the most brutal Contractor. And so she agreed with their cooperation.

Darker Than Black
The police decided to have a group date with the MI6 agents

Havoc dreamed about her past where she lived with a family, probably somewhere in her hideout in Europe. Then she was awaken by Hei who is cooking. Hei then placed a plate of fried rice on the table in front of Havoc and untied her. He went back to eat his share of the food. Seeing the amount of food on Hei’s table, she said that he still has an appetite like before. She wondered if he had always cook for himself. She then told Hei that before she had lost her powers, she never thought of eating as fun and she only eats to maintain her strength. When she met Laura and her family, she learned to cook. Although the children did not like her cooking at first, they began to ask her to cook more and she was happy to cook for them, seeing their smiling faces. She also revealed that she had to drink children’s blood for her remuneration. I get the irony here. Creepy, no wonder she is the most brutal of all Contractors. She picked up the spoon and tried to eat her injured fingers did not allow her to. Hei somehow sympathized her and decided to spoon feed her. Havoc took a bite and praised the delicious food. She also said that Laura’s mother ever told her not to trust any man who can cook as they are bad people. Hevoc took that as a joke but Hei was a little angry by it and ate all by himself. Havoc was surprised to his reaction and began to laugh. She said that Hei had changed for the good. Hei then replied that this is the first time he had seen her laugh. She said that he and herself are not used to those experiences and the same goes to the others. Probably she referred to other Contractors. She believed that Amber and Pai are still alive somewhere and that she is willing to help Hei to find them. So she suggested to bring her to the Hell’s Gate to help her to regain her power and memories. However she wanted Hei to promise to kill her if she ever to return to her former self. Meanwhile Yin and July managed to detect Hei’s location and informed their associates about it. Yin pinpointed Hei’s location to Ichigayayanagi District and moving towards the Hell’s Gate.

Darker Than Black
A part from Havoc’s memory of the past

Darker Than Black
Hei decided to be romantic

Darker Than Black

Walking down a street towards the Hell’s Gate, November said that Contractors get restless whenever they approach the Gate. That is why the researchers wanting to send her there, so that Havoc’s power can be awaken. He was wondering what BK201 is planning to do and he thought that he might kill Havoc after all. He believed that it will be a problem to certain a certain organisation if she regained her memory and that BK201 is their assassin. Yet she was not killed but was taken to the Hell’s Gate instead, just like what Pandora intended to do. Both of Hei and Havoc are moving closer to the Gate as July sensed for their location. Havoc began to tremble in fear but she fought on to continue her way towards the Gate. Eventually they have reached the Gate where huge wall stands and being surrounded by fence. Slowly Havoc began to regain her power and memory. Meanwhile Yin managed to find Hei with Havoc and told Huang about it.

Darker Than Black
“Rape me Kill me!”

Darker Than Black
Hei is all hugs for the ladies

Misaki got a report from the Astronomy Division that Havoc had regained her powers. She then ordered to send in the SWAT team. After that November 11 and the rest are missing in front of them. Back to Havoc, she ran away from the fence and asked Hei to stay away. She was hoping that she could change like him and to handle the return of her ability but she couldn’t do so. She had wished to meet him earlier and that she won’t be afraid to of the contract. She then asked Hei to kill her and placed his hands around her neck. But Hei hesitated. Then a strong wind gushed through. Hei realised that it is the MI6. He then tell Havoc that she is not a contractor and she does not need to die. Misaki and her colleagues witnessed the brewing storm from afar. Hei and Havoc tried to run away in the rain but Havoc tripped over and fell. Havoc was terrified because she do not want to kill anymore. Hei then assured her that if they get out from there, she wont’ be a Contractor. Suddenly ice spears pierced through Havoc and Hei took her away to a street. Havoc said to Hei that it is enough and tell him to run. Finally Havoc died and a star fall from the sky.

Darker Than Black
His final move – that hapless romantic look

Darker Than Black
“Oh honey! Does that hurt?”

Darker Than Black
Havoc drools blood… because she’s dead

Hei confronted the MI6 agents. After delivering a few blows, Hei has his legs trapped in ice, rendering him not to move. Hei tried to attack him but November’s rubber boots prevented any damage towards him. One thing for sure, Hei has an ability to conduct electicity. November then told Hei that with Havoc’s death, Hei’s mission is over. He then asked for Hei to cooperate with them so as to investigate the Syndicate which Hei serve for. Suddenly Hei pierce a dagger to his arm with a string attached to it. Knowing that Hei is going to electrocute him, November removed the dagger from his arm. Just about November tried to retaliate, Huang who was hiding from the side deployed a fire bomb and Hei made his escape. Later as Misaki looked at Havoc’s body, she told November that Havoc’s power had returned and wondered why she did not used it. Saying that, she thought that November did not fear her. November then got a shocked look on his face but Misaki shrugged it off by saying that it is a joke. Alas the joke is back on November, who nonchalantly made a similar jokes to them before. Misaki is one scary lady. Meanwhile Huang questioned Hei’s action for disobeying orders and decided to keep it a secret from the Syndicate. Hei furiously said that he should have kill him then and there. Huang blasted back at him, saying that a Contractor just keep quiet and kill. Mao then dispersed the fight. Yin reached for Hei’s hands, probably as an act of consolation but Hei shook it off and walked away. Well blame Yin for that, she still look lifeless even when she tried to get emotional about it. Thousand of miles away to England at the British Secret Intelligence Service building, the head of British Intelligence ordered someone on the phone to stay put and continue investigate on the Syndicate and BK201. Now, now, it would be logical that November is the one to receive the order. But if it is someone else, that would be very interesting.

Darker Than Black
November tried to look cool in front of the camera

Darker Than Black
Now that’s HOT

The plot development for this episode is a little dull compared to other episodes but they managed to rushed to an intensity at the end. I was a little disappointed that the story did not turned out as I have expected earlier. Nothing much had been provided about Hei’s past. So the secret and mystery of this story still remained safe. So go figure on Hei’s identity and the Syndicate behind all this commotion. Next episode will be a little annoying. For the first time for this series, I don’t feel too excited to watch the next episode.

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