Myself; Yourself (Episode 8)

More secrets are out this episode. This is considered a huge leap in story development. For this episode, Nanaka’s past memory came to Sana’s knowledge finally though this has been known by the rest of his friends. The big problem for me is Nanaka’s constant jealousy whenever she sees Sana with another girl. Why can’t she just confess her true feeling already and none of these won’t need to happen in the first place? Besides I’m sure Sana feels the same way towards Nanaka. Not that I’m suggesting the writers to do something about it, her jealousy does bring some drama to the story but I can only see Nanaka’s actions as immature towards Sana. Right, I really pity Sana for this one. But rather I feel more interested about Nanaka’s past, wondering if it was a vicious one. I believe this is the point of the whole plot when things really spicing up. Now this is worth to look into.

Myself; Yourself
Nanaka’s giving Sana the cold shoulder again. She must have be an ice queen.

Shuri finally returned to school after being absent for a day, feeling rather more zesty than usual. However Nanaka began to ignore Sana, again. Sana was feeling uneasy about Nanaka’s cold treatment and approached her to get her reasons. Somehow Nanaka denied of being mad at Sana (liar) but Sana kept on pushing her to explain about it and he was willing to apologize about it as well. So Nanaka spilled it out, asking about him hugging Asami under the tree at the elder hill the other day. Sana clarified to Nanaka that it was just an accident because Asami was about to collapse due to her dizzy spell, the same one during the Sakura festival night when Nanaka held Sana over a raccoon. Sana made it clear to her that there was nothing going on between him and Asami. Nanaka had enough of it and told Sana to stop bothering her. But that did not stopped Sana. After school, he followed her to explain the whole situation as her misunderstanding. Sana said that Nanaka had changed and how different she was when they were younger. All in tears, she turned to him and said that he too had changed himself and ran away. At the apartment, Sana kept on thinking about Nanaka’s behaviour and wondered if he had overreacted but still thinks that she should have acted that way. He began to recall about his past with Nanaka, of how close they were and how they had always helped each other. Sana then remembered about the mailbox that they used to share together. Sana found a rundown mailbox and began to make use of it for himself, telling Nanaka that it would be their secret mailbox. Sana explained that the mailbox will serve them both to discuss about something that they don’t want others to know. By this way, we could exchange secret letters with each other. To think that this childish idea really worked is quite an achievement already.

Myself; Yourself
The mailbox was the key in their relationship. Oh, the pun!

Sana received his first secret letter from Nanaka regarding her trouble sleeping at night because she kept on having nightmares. As childish as it is, Sana replied he would not be shaken by nightmares because he is a boy (-_-“) and he also gave her a white pebble to use as a charm so that she won’t be having nightmares anymore. He also discussed to her about his problem with horizontal bars which happens to be a P.E. test for him at school. Nanaka replied to him that the charm really worked (-_-“) and wished him the best for his P.E. test. Having remembered about the mailbox, he began to search for the mailbox key then figured that the key would be together in the box where he hides his (ahem!) porn stash. Just about when Sana get to the key, Aoi came into the room unexpectedly to bring food as usual and as if we had been seeing this scene all over again, Aoi turned panic when she set her eyes on Sana’s “good-time” collection. Clearly Aoi mistakenly thought that Sana was having some “self pleasure moments” in the room. But then he had finally found the key. Sana went to the mailbox and opened to check its content. He was surprised to see letter spewing out of the mailbox, judging that Nanaka must have been sending the letter even after he had moved away. However he was horrified to see one of the letter with red ink all over it, saying “HELP ME”. Seeing this letter can only makes you think that Nanaka had been through the scariest moment in her life. By scariest, I don’t mean by ghost sightings or demonic possession or having watched 1408. But really, why red?

Myself; Yourself
The mailman would not like to see this.

Myself; Yourself

So Sana had a talk with Shuusuke to ask him about what had happened to Nanaka in the past. Though he tried to divert the topic, he turned serious after Sana insisted. He told him that a fire broke out at Nanaka’s house, believed to be intentional. Tragically both of Nanaka’s parents perished in the fire. Nanaka managed to escape the fire by jumping from her room and along with her, she brought her violin and the flower bracelet given by Sana. Jumping off the two storey house, she sustained a bone fracture at her leg but at least, she made it alive. However the trauma of the incident was so bad, she lost every recollection of that fateful night and due to this, she was the primary suspect for the arsonist responsible for the fire but even so, she was innocent of that allegation. Eventually her memory of that night came back to her and that made her change into a different person but had turned for the better once entering high school. This also explains why she is not playing the violin anymore. Sana reacted furiously after listening to this for hiding such tragedy from him. Asking Sana what would he do if he knew, Shuusuke turned frustrated because he was not able to do anything for Nanaka. Heeding Shuusuke’s words in his mind, Sana stopped by the playground before Yuzuki came up to him. Sensing he was feeling down, she gave him a caramel to sooth him down. He then asked her why did always give out those caramel. Yuzuki revealed her lonely childhood as both of her parents were working then. So she would always had some pocket money for her to use though what she really wanted was her parents to be by her side. However she understood the situation her parents were in back then, so she took the initiative to stay quiet. It was then she started the habit to play role her afternoon snacks and eventually she turned to caramels for snacks because she can get lots of them. What started to be a self-reward incentive, she began giving out caramel to others in high school.

Myself; Yourself
Shuusuke is reluctant to come out of the closet.

Myself; Yourself
Where’s the firemen when you need them?

Myself; Yourself
Police’s bedtime story of interrogation.

Myself; Yourself
Private tutoring with Miss Yuzuki.

Then she remembered about a elementary schoolboy who practiced the hip circle at the horizontal bar at the same playground during her high school years. She remembered how determined he was to do a hip circle though he failed each time and she felt like cheering for him. It was then she gave the caramel to the boy. The boy hesitated to take the caramel but after eating it, the boy had the most cheerful face that gave an impression to her. Thay is why she gave out caramels to those who worked hard or feeling depressed as a form of motivation. After hearing this, Sana got up and decided to do his best. Sana’s smiling face made Yuzuki realized that the boy she met before is Sana. Running all the way to the mailbox, Sana was still figuring what to do for Nanaka but he knows that he need to do his best. Having called Nanaka to meet him there, Sana came clean to Nanaka about the seeing those old letters (including the “HELP ME” letter) and the fire incident. He apologized to her but she lashed out to him saying that he was not there when she needed him the most. She tried to leave but Sana stopped him. She turned and began to say that Sana was too busy making new friends that he forgot about her and that he did not know how much she had suffered. Then she came crying to Sana’s shoulders and said she wanted him to come and save her. So Sana promised to be together with her no matter what happens. That night, Sana had a call with his mother and told her that he will become stronger because he has someone to protect to.

Myself; Yourself
Yuzuki has her mother’s face. Because she’s her mother’s daughter, duh!

Myself; Yourself
That “Oh, now I remember!” face.

Myself; Yourself
Oh! The drama!

Myself; Yourself
Sana looks manly indeed.

A great episode of Myself; Yourself this time with all those emotional roller coaster going on, the characters’ past and emotion are the main impact that gives the solid storytelling. Frankly I am amazed of how good the story turned out to be. Hopefully the writers won’t go back to fillers once again (by saying “fillers” I mean Hinako, or does she play an integral role in the story as well?). I really like the part when Sana made up with Nanaka and settle all scores. Finally Sana gets the whole situation and probably he would work hard to make things better in the end. For Nanaka I mean. Now I wonder if this eventually evolves into a serious love affair. We do know Nanaka have feeling for Sana but we do not know if it is requited or not. Finally the story might edge closer into Sana’s dark secret, especially when we see Sana calling his mother once more because we have not see that for a few episodes already. The whole issue of Sana’s wristwatch really caused up a stir whether he is trying to conceal something by which I mean wound scar at his wrist probably from a suicide attempt or it really is about the wristwatch. Obviously the former would make it much more interesting.

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