Another – episode 02

I’ve been putting off writing this for a few days now, because I think this episode was even slower than the last. The only thing that seemed to be of huge note plot-wise was Kouichi learning about the dead girl who just so happens to be called Misaki, and the living (?) Misaki taking off her eye patch in the very last seconds of the episode, and we didn’t even get to see what was under it, though it made a great hook for next week.

Don’t get me wrong, I still thoroughly enjoyed this episode, Another proves once again that it can build dread with the best of them (even if it occasionally decides to demolish that with those stupid cutaway shots of dolls) but while I can tell you why something was creepy, it just isn’t the same as just seeing it for yourself.

Rest assured if you enjoyed the first episode, you’ll enjoy this one, it’s about the same quality wise and if you’re persevering after last week, you’ve proven you can tolerate a slow pace, so watch it if you haven’t. My only real complaints is that when Another tries to shove the fact that it’s a horror down your throat it comes off as a bit ham-fisted. “Oh look, now the characters are talking about Edvard Munch! And now Kouichi’s in a store filled with those terrifying dolls, isn’t this scary?”

No, no it isn’t. When the characters are just doing their thing, with that feeling still hanging in the air that something is ever so slightly off, that’s far more effective horror, and if the series sticks to its guns it’ll be far better off for it. Develop the mystery further, reveal information about the characters whilst still leaving the feeling that there’s something vitally important we don’t know about them, that’ll work brilliantly, and I’m remaining optimistic that Another will stick to this to some extent.

So yeah, what’s left to say? It was a great episode, the sound design and music are still excellent, the art is gorgeous, even when it’s being wasted on yet another (no this is not a joke about the title) shot of an armless doll. Go watch it, you’ll enjoy it.

1 Response to “Another – episode 02”

  1. 1 Kat
    23 January 2012 at 3:22 am

    I agree with you; if anyone is into horror shows they should definitely check this out. I’m still really curious as to why the heck Misaki was in that doll shop to begin with, and why there’s a doll in the coffin that resembles here so closely x.x

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