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asura cryin’ 2 episode 13 [final]

Yesssss I’m almost done with this season’s anime, which will give me about just one week for a break to prepare for the 3~5 series I am going to do for the winter 2010.  Before I begin, I would like to answer a question that some of you have asked me – why do I do 3~5 series at once when everyone does only 1?  Many of you think that it’s because the quality of the anime I watch is “lesser” – sure, whatever you like to think is fine.  But I do have a life, student on our varsity soccer team, which ranks 3rd in Asia-Pacific division out of all the high schools.  And I’m a starter, yet how do I find all the time to write about anime?  I’m nocturnal and barely need any sleep – a good night I’ll sleep six hours but if not, just expect 3~4 hours; funny things is that I still won’t be tired.  My GPA is a 3.65/4.0, I take the hardest courses, and I’ve been accepted to my first college out of seven.

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Top Ten OP Sequences

How I judged this category was by the following criteria:

1) Good song

2) Good lyrics

3) Good singer

4) Relates to the anime itself

5) Is it worth the 1:30 minutes to watch over and over for each episode?

Coming in tenth place, it’s [Spiral] by angela in Asura Cryin’

It’s not the best openings, but it gives a good idea of what the anime is about.  For those of you wondering, I did NOT get my SPIRAL from this SPIRAL.  ;D

9th – K-ON!

Good anime, but the OP sequence doesn’t really keep up to it.  It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s repetitive.  However, if I didn’t put this up I think that I would face a lynch mob.

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Asura Cryin Season 2 episode 12

And yet again we’re back to another exciting episode of the drama-filled, fanservice-given, action-packed, battle saga of Asura Cryin!  *fanfare*

Just kidding, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t upload this episode as quickly as I usually is because

1) It wasn’t that good.

2) I had a cold.

3) I had to play in -15 degree Celsius weather a game of football (soccer), where I ended up scoring 2 goals for a 4-4 draw but ended up screwed up my penalty kick that would’ve won us the game.

4) School’s on winter break so my friends and I partied last night. ;D

But enough about me, let’s take a look at arguably one of the most useless episodes of Asura Cryin’.


“I really believe we should stop it… after we have 14 minutes of conversation on it.”

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Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 11

– Spiral-

So when Brian asked me to “try out” for the Team, I ended up using Asura Cryin’ 10.  Now as I write Asura Cryin’ 11, I marvel at the week that’s gone by on this forum.  So many people have welcomed me and many more have read my posts on Sora no Otoshimono, Fairy Tail, Kampfer, and this series, Asura Cryin’.  I  want to thank the team for welcoming with open virtual arm – thank you and I promise to get only better and better as each episode comes out.  And my second thanks goes to the readers of Bokutachi no Blog – you guys are the best and are the reason why people like me want to write for blogs.  Thanks, and without any further ado – Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 11.

So the episodes starts in the night when Tomoharu lays down Takatsuki in what seems to be the epic battle location of the final battle in the Second World (you know, the one where Tohru ends up betraying them all, and Kaola turns out to be an Asura Cryin’).  He’s with Misao and older Nia.  Suddenly, he collapses as well and… we got to the epic OP [Alternative by angela].  Good morning, good morning, good moooooorning to you, and you, and you, and you!  Tomoharu wakes up to Takatsuki bringing in breakfast in a cute little apron.  As Tomoharu and Takatsuki share an intimate moment, Misao pops up and does what she always does – ruin the mood.

“I always wanted an owl as a daughter.”  – LOL

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Asura Cryin’ 2 episode 10

Episode 23: Remaining Life, Scattered Life

“The world’s destruction and Daughters turn out to be the result of a gravity reactor experiment’s failure.  Reunited with Misao in the research facility, Tomoharu meets up with Naotaka, who has contained the Asura Machina, and “upgrades” Kurogane with Shirogane, the Asura Machina of gravity, to create Hagane (or as they called it “Kurogane-Kai”), the final form of the Asura Machina.  Hagane helps demonic Tomoharu and Misao to get back to their world.”

Episode Rating: 8.5/10.0


Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 8

You know the feeling you get when the next episode just seems to take so long to come out? After watching an episode where our dear Tomo was tortured in the most horrible manner, we then have to wait and see what happens to him after he gets sucked up in the black whole along with Nia and Kanade. At first I had no clue where they could end up being dropped. Actually, I wasn’t even sure if they were going to be dropped. But after I had already calmed down, and I stopped myself from wanting to through my laptop out the window from watching episode 7, I finally realized that there is only one place they could go…

There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Did you know?

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Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 7: Part 2

In case any of you were wondering why I decided to split this episode’s review in two, well I think all you have to do is watch the frickin episode. I wouldn’t be able to handle only dedicating a mere 5-10 pictured post to this 5-star rated episode. The animation quality, motion flow, real blood and not just crystallization, and I can’t forget to mention the merciless and ruthless people Tomo is up against.

Oh, by the way, I decided to just install VLC again and hope that it would fix my color problem. And it did. I do still wonder why it happened and I would like to prevent it, so your suggestions or explanations will still be cool. THX

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