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Best Anime of 2010

I lied.  I got one more post for you all and it’s basically my Christmas present to the rest of my team and your viewers who take your time to come to this site.  As a tradition, we award the best anime shows of 2010 but this time, we’re doing things a bit differently.  Regardless, here’s a bland generic picture of a 2010 anime to get things started before you guys have to click on the “Click here to read more button”.

How we’re basically going to do this is we picked a bunch of shows from the different seasons and gave each season a pick.  Of course, we have one runner-up who also should get credit for having a fun and/or good anime.  Don’t expect Sekirei ~pure engagement~ to be on this list because as much as some of us enjoy bouncing boobs, ripping clothes, and hot girls fighting, that doesn’t define anime.  Imagine what would happen to us if we followed that stereotype.

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A brief update, and what to expect from the future

Hey my fellow readers, it’s me again bringing you latest updates on series our team is currently blogging and a brief update of what to expect.  If you haven’t noticed, several of my latest posts have been updated later and later until they have been non-existent… somewhat.  I started the spring season blogging up to ten different anime series and in the summer picked up even more series.  In the beginning I was covering everything but as we got to the final few episodes in every series, school started for me and I found myself under more and more strain to finish the series.  But now that I have a little time again, I’ll try to finish up final impressions and bring updates on the series that I have finished, or have still to do.

I’m still taking a break, but I will come back to blogging in November starting with the series I have to finish.  I have no interesting in picking up any of the series in the summer so I’ll do movie reviews and some game reviews all relating to anime of course.  That obviously puts Amagami SS as my only series as well as my updates, but you shall expect a Fate/unlimited blade works update as well.  More to come, all in the new month!  (You can expect an epic return post as well).

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GIANT KILLING episode twenty-four

OH DAMN OH DAMN OH DAMN I cannot express how much I look forward to every episode each week.  After last week’s cliffhanger, it is finally revealed that Akasaki scored and the score is now at 1-2 in favor of the Osaka Gunners, but now the tide has turned.   Natsuki still looks like he’ll be useless for a while (I’m expecting that he’ll score one of the two goals coming up for ETU in the next two episodes) but I do hope that Sera scores and overcomes his goal draught.  Then again, I want Tsubaki to score since he really deserves Man-of-the-Match for this game,  Ahhh screw it, I hope ETU wins 10-2 in the end.  Here’s to hopeful wishes.

A funny thing happened to me t0day – I was playing in a practice game with a team that my team would play against in the league, and I made this awful tackle on the striker.  It was intentional since it was obvious that he would score, but with no referees I had nothing to lose.  Anyways, I got into this whole fight with him since he over-dramatized his pain but our captains split us apart and that was that.  He had shouted “I’m going to f* score on your face!” to which I reply “Hitting my face isn’t a goal!”, but it turns out that his team had been winning 5-0 and 6-0 wins up to now, whereas we have been scrapping 2-1, 3-0, and a lucky 1-0.  I immediately thought of Coach Tatsumi, and how possibly my game could turn out to be like ETU’s encounter with Nagoya or more recently, Osaka.  Where’s Tsubaki when you need him…

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GIANT KILLING episode twenty-three

This show right now contains 99% of all my enthusiasm for watching this season’s shows.  No, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this season’s show suck balls completely but it could also mean that 1) I love soccer and 2) the excitement within the ETU – Osaka match is hurting my head.  I can’t believe how exciting they made the last few episodes, and the more impressive thing is that it’s amazing how they could add so much plot within only of few minutes of gameplay.

Nevertheless, we basically covered the defensive errors and responsibilities of ETU after they conceded two goals so I guess that there will be no more Osaka goal-scorers.  At the same time, we have yet to address the problem with the strikers, namely Natsuki, and their influence on the game.  Hence, ETU isn’t able to score and if it remains at 0-2 for Osaka, then it’s going to be a hell of a disappointing run of seven  or more episodes.  I swear if ETU doesn’t win, I’m going to go pelt a ____________ with a ___________ up its _____________ with _____________ watching the ___________ just in time to see that I _________________ and shout “You little _______, can’t you ________  _________ ________ ____________ well, I didn’t know he played the violin” (shamelessly stolen)!

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Giant Killing episode 21 + 22

Perhaps the last game we’ll see in this twenty-four episode show before it ends – the Osaka Gunners are the players to beat, although I can’t imagine a comeback the way ETU has been playing lately.  Notably, Gino has been disappointing the first half since he keeps sending balls over and out – it could be perhaps a strategy to wear out the other team.

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SPIRAL [update]

For the last three days, I have been moving things in and out of my house since all the stuff came in from Korea.  Needless to say, I will be moving into college starting from the day after tomorrow and I am loaded with crap to do.  That being said, it hurts my heart to not review the series I am doing up-to-date so I will draw your attention to other blog sites that have written great responses to it, but I will be starting again next week.   Danke.

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GIANT KILLING! episode eighteen

Ahhh wow, it’s really hot in the summer I’m not even kidding even if I did want to go kick a ball around I wouldn’t be able to… but it seems that watching a soccer anime satisfies me (no, it doesn’t) and I can really look forward to the fall season and finally some cooler wind and weather to go play soccer in at university.  Regardless, it seemed that from last episode, something was bothering Tatsumi and I can guess that it’s the team’s failure to act as a single living organism.  I’ve heard that countless of times from my coach and it actually feels weird when it does happen.  Of course, we’re usually up by four goals when that happens.

Speaking of four goals, it looks like the Osaka Gunners are still at the top of the table with no losses so far (they haven’t been able to clarify whether or not they have had any draws) and are about to play ETU next after a 8-0 demolition of Kofu.  This episode may have seemed boring to many, but in reality, there were so many underlying themes that many of you viewers (I can say this safely) have not even begun to consider.  Tatsumi recognized what the Gunners were lacking and I have an idea of what he’ll be doing, which I’ll be explaining.

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GIANT KILLING! episode seventeen

I guess the episodes for this arc are not only focusing on Sera but his conflicts with the other strikers.  I’m not a striker – I’m a defender, so I cannot really say I can relate to how they feel at not scoring goals.  Mmhmm, I’ve been doing a lot of series nowadays and I have to admit I haven’t played soccer for a while now even though I would like to.  Of course, being back in Chicago doesn’t really help the fact that nobody here plays a pick-up game (I mean, in Korea you could just go walk onto a field, talk to some guys, and a game would be on in five minutes).

That doesn’t really help Sera who ended last episode with an injury.  I’m starting to not like how every episode wastes 5 of the 24 minutes it’s given to recap exactly the same thing’s that been happening in the previous episode.  Yes, we all know that Sera’s disappointed and yes we know he injured himself.  It’s bad enough we have to deal with his complaining within the episode that we have to go through it again on the next one.

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